Ethereal dreamlike artist ZOE has announced the release date of her new song and video “Sun.” 

The track is the second single and title track from her upcoming EP of the same name and will be out on streaming services on June 22nd, 2023.

“Sun” is a dreamy, atmospheric pop song about hope and unity. The lyrics are about finding the power within us to end repeating cycles, and unity, with a reminder that all of us under the Sun are part of the same family. The track was co-produced by David J Gillett who led early production, experimenting with organic percussion and a vintage piano, while ZOE completed the production during a period of production work thereafter.

“I’m really excited to share ‘Sun’ with the world finally,” says ZOE “because it was getting a great response live, and it was also important to produce a video for the track that ensures the strong message hits home clearly.”

ZOE has used this single as an opportunity to share imagery that inspires new visions for the future of humanity and how we might choose to reorganise collectively by creating new pathways, places, and ways of living in harmony with the planet.

“Sun” will be available on all streaming platforms on June 22. The music video for “Sun” will be available on YouTube/Vevo, and can be found at


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