Emerging Australian singersongwriter ZOE releases her debut single, Fire. The new track reflects on a transformative time in the artist’s life while the musician travelled around Australia, exploring and refining her approach to creating art. Fire is a largerthanlife track, merging cinematic indiepop with a contemporary edge and a visceral, tangible warmth.

The new release, taken from ZOE’S forthcoming debut EP Sun, features a lush musical backdrop, a contemplative lyric and an enigmatic, soulful performance; Fire is sure to gain mass exposure and generate radio and streaming action across the globe.

As ZOE says about her new single, ‘The song talks about fire as the essence of humanity, our core energy. Humans have always gathered around fire. So, in a way, fire becomes the place we are truly known. It also talks about finding home in each other and goes on to talk about the space that is left to grow when there is nothing (external) else left to find. It’s a song that kind of wants you to get through all the bullshit and materialism and then go, what is left now? What’s really important? The answer to those questions is really what the song is getting at.

Fire is ZOE’S breakout track, assuaging the senses with subtle allure, a heartfelt reminder of music’s ethereal, persuasive beauty.

Fire will hit streaming services October 28th.


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