In an age of isolation and information, who do you turn to? ZOE is here for you.

Prelude is a glimpse of light on the horizon. A glimmer of hope on a dark night. A warm glow in the coldest winter.

Prelude is an audiovisual teaser from ZOE before new music that has been the result of travelling thousands of kilometres across sacred country in collaboration with leading music innovators and industry veterans alike.

Embedded within the track is a cryptic message which is the beginning of a story. Visually, we see a growing light coming closer and the silhouette of an artist who recognises the need for music and art to speak to the current times.

Prelude is a response to the world as it is now and an acknowledgement to all those who feel like they have been left in the dark. It is an invitation to choose a road where we will light up that darkness together.

This is the moment before the music and sets the tone for what we are to expect from ZOE in 2022.

Prelude is out now at

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