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ZOE announces release date for new single ‘Fire’ from upcoming ‘Sun’ EP

Emerging Australian singer-songwriter ZOE releases her debut single, Fire. The new track reflects on a transformative time in the artist’s life while the musician travelled around Australia, exploring and refining her approach to creating art. Fire is a larger-than-life track, merging cinematic indie-pop with a contemporary edge and a visceral, tangible warmth. The new release,...Continue reading...

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The artist previously known as Zoe Ryan (or Zoe Ryan & the Dandy Lion) reveals name change and upcoming release

The decision to drop the surname and release music as ZOE signifies a new chapter in the artist’s career, that ZOE says “feels like me.” “It feels me. I never felt like my full name was really me. With this release, it felt really important to go with something that feels 100% authentic. This is...Continue reading...

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